A Special Report on
Employee Performance Discussions

Ten Important Things a Boss MUST Know How to Say


Employee Performance Discussions CAN Be Difficult

But They DON'T Have to be Impossible

EmployeeDiscussions Ebook
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There's this absolutely incredible employee who can make truly amazing things happen on an incredibly regular basis. She's great! He's wonderful! And you don't know how you ever survive without their constant vigil, dedication, and ability to get-the-job-done.

But interpersonally-speaking, the person is an absolute train wreck!

Or maybe it's a different employee: Someone nearly as smart and capable, but with a uncontrollable need to push people's buttons or make mountains out of molehills.

Or maybe it's someone who's just barely cutting it - good enough to not get fired - but a constant source of trouble and frustration for you.

Stop Avoiding the Necessary

Be Polite, Respectful, AND Assertive

Now if you're like most managers, you've probably already tried a number of approaches, ranging from ignoring the problem (in hopes it goes away) to trying to hit it head-on (only to find you just alienated the employee and wound up feeling miserable about it). If you're like most managers, you probably found that whatever you've tried has resulted in little or no real  change, and if it did, it was fleeting at best, right?!

But to be a truly effective manager, you MUST get past all of that. You must put aside your frustrations and fears about difficult Employee Performance Discussions. You must develop an approach to coaching and mentoring your employees that works when you need it to most. To be a truly effective manager you MUST be polite, respectful, AND assertive; you MUST be clear, direct, and DECISIVE; you MUST  be able to deliver direct, honest, and timely, feedback - especially to:

  • Employees who try hard, but still fail to deliver
  • Employees who consistently explain-away repeated instances of poor performance
  • Employees who regularly fail to follow-through on the commitments they make
  • Employees who all-too-easily revert to their old ways after only temporary improvements

Don't Jeopardize Your Credibility

Learn HOW to Say WHAT to Say

Fortunately, there is something you can do to quickly bring yourself up to speed. There is a way to learn  what to say, and how to say it - discretely, effectively, compellingly. And it's all in a Special Report titled,

Employee Performance Discussions:
Ten Important Things a Boss
MUST Know How to Say

Designed specifically for supervisors, managers, directors, and executives - indeed, anyone interested in improving their performance management skills - this downloadable e-book is an essential companion for formal - or informal - performance review preparations. 

The Employee Performance Discussions Special Report details how to deliver increasingly direct and honest feedback in a constructive and non-confrontational manner. It takes the mystery - and misery - out of such conversations so you can share your important performance feedback in a timely and powerful manner. And, have it received, and attended to, exactly as intended.

Included in Employee Performance Discussions are:

  • Numerous problem scenarios that you'll surely recognize because they happen so regularly
  • Ten specific conversation "clarifiers" that can dramatically improve the performance of your employees at all levels and across all types of work
  • Detailed scripts as to what to say, when to say it, and why to say it in a particular way

Also included are:

  • Thorough explanations of each "clarifier" so you can select the ones best-suited to meaningfully address the performance problems at hand
  • Concrete examples of how you can can easily integrate these phrasings into your own performance management conversations with direct reports, associates, operatives, and even vendor personnel
  • Self-study questions to encourage and productively challenge you that much more

Even more importantly, Employee Performance Discussions can help you with one of the more chronic problems facing managers everywhere: How to articulate the bottom-line requirements of a job in a way that instructs, empowers, and holds the incumbent fully-accountable on an ongoing basis. It's not a panacea, but it is some solid management savvy that can be used again and again and again.

Here's how OTHER Bosses have Benefitted
From this Special Report

  • "I tended to avoid confrontations. As a result, my staff was starting to take advantage of me and my good nature. Employee Performance Discussions really helped me understand how I could hold my staff accountable without being confrontational."

  • "What amazed me was how quickly my problem employees responded once I used the right language to communicate my dissatisfaction and the improvements I needed to see. Employee Performance Discussions helped me save this guy's job!"

  • "It used to drive me nuts that I'd work my tail off and still get gigged by my boss for not getting more out of my employees. Employee Performance Discussions walked me through how to have the conversations I knew I needed to have with them. And you know what? They worked!"

  • "The best part of the employee discussions e-book is that every time I re-read it, I learn something new. It's my secret weapon for success."

Don't FUMBLE Through Another Performance Review

Learn How to be Clear, Direct, AND Decisive

The Employee Performance Discussions Special Report

EmployeeDiscussions Ebook

LeadershipTraction accepts payment by credit card.

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  • Isn't it time you learned how to give the kind of performance appraisals your employees really need, and deserve?

  • Isn't it time your performance discussions actually empowered and motivated your staff to want do better?

  • Isn't it time you mastered this important line-management responsibility?

  • Isn't it time you got yourself a copy of Employee Performance Discussions?!

OWN Your Employee Performance Discussions

Both You AND Your Staff will Benefit

The Employee Performance Discussions Special Report

EmployeeDiscussions Ebook
LeadershipTraction accepts payment by credit card.

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